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Set of 2 Hair Drains

The Hair Drain is a device that you string down your drain and will catch every piece of hair that goes down it. The Hair Drain is strung down into your drain with just a flower pedal that sits on the top holding it up. The Hair Drain is installed into your bathtub or shower drain in mere seconds, and will continue to catch hairs for up to 2-4 months before you need to replace it.

Once the Hair Drain is full of hair, you can either clean it off or simply throw it away. Within the package, you will get 2 Hair Drains, so for around 10 bucks, you will get 4-8 months of a hair free shower or bathtub if you do decide to throw them away after each use. Otherwise, you can get an unlimited amount of use from it by simply removing the hairs, letting it dry, and putting it back into your drain.

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